Nose Surgery or Chin Enhancement: Which One?

Over 300,000 men and women requested nose surgery in 2007, according to The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Chin enhancement has also become a popular procedure among people interested in plastic surgery. Yet, if you are interested in nose surgery, you may want to explore chin enhancement and vice versa. So, if you had a choice, which plastic surgery procedure would you choose? Let’s take a look at the reasons why women and men may opt for one, the other or both.

Nose Augmentation: Nose surgery to augment the appearance of the nose may downplay the appearance of the chin. This may be appealing for women, but not necessarily for men. Nose augmentation in men may make the chin appear smaller, depending upon the prominence of the chin. A strong prominent chin is associated with good looks and possibly achievement.

Nose Reduction: Nose surgery to reduce the size of the nose may be more likely in women, but men may not prefer nose reduction. Nose reduction in women and men may not significantly impact the appearance of the chin. Some men interested in nose augmentation may also be interested in chin enhancement to make the chin appear larger.

Some people opt for chin enhancement to simply improve the chin itself. For example, people interested in chin enhancement may wish to increase the space between the chin and the neck in order to improve a double chin. Likewise, people may be interested in nose surgery simply to improve the nose’s appearance. By the same token, plastic surgeons consider the impact of nose surgery on all features of the face, including the chin. When consulting about nose surgery, it is important to ask how other facial features may change in appearance, particularly the chin. Chin enhancement may not be frequently part of the nose surgery treatment plan, but learning about chin enhancement when considering nose surgery may be just what the doctor orders for complete facial rejuvenation.

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