Nose Surgery for the Deviated Septum

Nose surgery for a deviated septum may be quite complex when compared to other reasons for nose surgery. The complexity associated with this type of nose surgery may be due to genetic abnormalities, trauma to the nose, or a less than appealing prior nose surgery. Add to this the probability that the airway may be blocked; nose surgery for a deviated septum may indeed be complex.

The good news is that plastic surgeons focusing on nose surgery have an armory of techniques at their disposal to improve a deviated septum. There is one technique that is well suited for the most complex nose surgery cases, according to a July 2008 report in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. This technique involves removing the nasal septum. During complex deviated septum surgery, the nasal septum may be removed, refined and replaced back into position in between the nostrils.

The report featured in the July issue of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery consisted of information gathered from the charts of over 2000 nose surgery patients over a twenty year period. All charts related to the technique involving removal of the nasal septum. The findings were, as follows:

  • Ninety-six percent had good to excellent functional improvement following nose surgery.
  • Four percent sought after revision nose surgery.
  • Twelve percent experienced complications.

While removal of the nasal septum may appear to be very invasive, it is one technique with a high success rate for those with a complex deviated septum. By the same token, the technique that is required for every nose surgery patient is often unique based on the individual needs of the patient. People interested in nose surgery for a deviated septum may ask the plastic surgeon that they are interested in seeing about their experience with complex deviated septum surgery. They may request to see before and after photos of other patients that have had complex deviated septum nose surgery. In this way, people interested in nose surgery for a deviated septum can be better equipped with reasonable expectations for the outcome of their procedure.

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