Nose Surgery Swelling and You

The swelling timeline following nose surgery is unique for every individual. Factors that may affect the timeline for the resolution of post surgical swelling include:

  • Complexity involved in the nose surgery
  • Surgical technique required for the nose surgery
  • Recovery care provided by the patient
  • Biological ability for tissues to heal properly
  • External splint and suture removal
  • Extent of nose injury
  • Interference from allergies

Following nose surgery, you may have an external splint and sutures which may contribute to swelling. The splint and sutures are usually removed within eight days following surgery. This is the time when you may feel most comfortable about going outside with some make up to cover any bruising or abnormality. Within a month, your nose swelling will often be almost gone. Though, it may require six months or more for the nose to appear with a fully satisfactory result. In fact, it may require up to two years before cartilage and the nasal tip reach a fully developed form. Most nose surgery patients are usually very content with the results over time. In the meantime, there are tasks you may perform to reduce swelling following nose surgery, including:

  • Resting and sleeping with your head elevated in the days following nose surgery helps to reduce swelling. There are head elevation pillows available to ensure that your head remains elevated.
  • Cold compresses help to reduce nose surgery swelling.
  • Electromagnetic patches accelerate the reduction of swelling.

Your nose surgeon will provide guidelines to reduce the risk of excessive swelling. It is important to follow the guidelines specified by your plastic surgeon. Every nose surgery patient is different. The guidelines provided may be specific for your particular needs. Your plastic surgeon’s recommendations and the care you provide to your nose following surgery play a critical role in the resolution of swelling after nose surgery.

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