Nose Surgery Revision

Nose surgery to revise the outcome of an initial surgery is not often required, but there are exceptions in some cases. Revision nose surgery may be required to improve an aging result. Revision nose surgery may be necessary to revise a complication. Complications that may be improved through revision nose surgery might be slight asymmetries of the nose, mal-positioning of a specific feature of the nose, and difficulty breathing through the nose. There are many types of approaches and techniques available to provide improvements. However, women and men are cautioned that not all nose surgeons are equipped to provide such improvements. When seeking a revision to nose surgery, the following inquires should be made:

1. Inquire about the number of secondary procedures that the plastic surgeon has performed.

2. Inquire about the number of techniques that the plastic surgeon is skilled in as well as the number of times that the plastic surgeon has performed each technique.

3. Inquire about why the plastic surgeon has selected the proposed technique.

4. Inquire about the risks involved with the proposed technique.

5. Inquire about alternatives to the proposed technique and request a comparison between the techniques.

6. Inquire about the expectation for long term results from the nose revision surgery.

7. Inquire about the advancements that have been made when compared to the initial nose surgery.

8. Inquire about the length of recovery period, including the length of recovery time period should a complication arise.

9. Inquire about the type of facility that the procedure will be performed in such as an office based facility or a hospital.

10. Inquire about the type of anesthesia that may be used in the procedure, including sedation, local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

11. Inquire about the requirement to cease or take select medications prior to the procedure.

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