New Pancake Breast Techniques for Augmentation Candidates!

Women who have pancake type breasts that may be the result of pregnancy, aging, or massive weight loss can have hope in the improved techniques for breast surgery. The characteristics of pancake breasts include:

  • excessive sagging
  • poor breast projection
  • minimal upper pole volume
  • lowered nipples
  • lowered breast crease

In the past, the only option for women in this category was the breast augmentation procedure. However, some women who have misshapen breasts do not wish to increase the size of their breasts. In 2008, a new technique that does not involve the use of breast implants was introduced at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons annual meeting. Since then, plastic surgeons throughout the U.S. have refined techniques to reshape and reposition severely deflated breasts. The technique may improve breast projection and the appearance of poor skin elasticity as well.

The new technique, called the “spiral flap” technique, involves the use of Wise pattern mastopexy technique to create flaps of the central breast pedicle. These flaps allow for spiraling around the breast that helps to reposition the existing breast tissue. The technique has proven to be safe, effective and beneficial for patients. The procedure is not considered a breast lift and will not increase breast size.

Breast augmentation may be an appropriate alternative for women who have deflated breasts and wish to increase breast size. In the breast augmentation procedure, plastic surgeons dissect the breast pocket so they may slip a breast implant into place. The breast lift may be appropriate for women who have deflated breasts that are not severe in nature. The breast lift may use a variety of techniques, including: the Wise pattern mastopexy to reshape existing breast tissue and reposition the breasts.

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