A New Option to Help Select the Right Breast Implant Size

Plastic surgeons take many steps to help women decide on the right breast implant size. Often, the decision for the right breast implant size involves trying on various sizes at the practice, being encouraged to insert rice filled stockings or something of the like into a bra at home for trial runs, and in some cases, a visit with 2-3 dimensional technology for simulated results of the expected outcome. Indeed, the breast implant size is an important decision in breast augmentation. The right breast implant size helps to reduce the risk of reoperation to increase size at a later date.

Since breasts look different in different body positions and clothing, one of the latest innovations may be a worthwhile investment to more fully explore the predicted results of breast augmentation. There are breast fillers such as gel fillers that may offer another method for determining proper breast implant size. There are breast fillers that can replicate the look, feel and movement of breast implants. Breast fillers fit into the bra’s cups so that increased size may be evaluated in a variety of types of clothing and in different bodily positions.

In fact, “trial” breast fillers may be worn for a period of time before deciding on breast implant size to help ensure the right size. Breast implants feel different than natural breasts. The movement of breast implants may be different than natural breasts. The desire of a select breast implant size in swimwear may be different than the appropriate size of breast implants for work clothes. For these reasons, breast fillers which can mimic the look and movement of breast implants may be just what the doctor orders to help determine breast implant size today.

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