A New Liposuction Scar Advancement

A new advancement may be on the horizon for liposuction patients. One of the biggest concerns among people interested in liposuction is the risk of excessive scarring. During liposuction, plastic surgeons make very tiny incisions to access the treatment area. In some cases, incisions may be required to be placed on visible locations. Usually, scars are very small unless a large cannula is used which may require a larger incision. The extent of scarring may also relate to the surgeon’s expertise and/or the patient’s own genetics. The end result from surgery may be a scar that appears dark or light and fades over time. Since the scar process is individual, some people are at risk for excessive scarring.

Now, a drug remedy may be approaching the market to improve the appearance of scars. The drug, known as avotermin or Juvista, is designed to speed up the healing wound process and enhance the appearance of scars. Research findings published in Lancet demonstrated potential for the drug to reduce the appearance of scars through an active ingredient called TGFβ3 protein.

Professor Mark Ferguson, University of Manchester, UK, Renovo of Manchester, UK, and colleagues published the findings as a potential anti-scarring therapy that could be administered at the time of surgery and after surgery via injection. The injection penetrated through underlying tissue and muscle during the trial.

Juvista performed well in the study. The participants, mostly men, were visually checked at both the six and twelve month marks following the injection. In two studies, scars improved by an average of five points on a visual 100-point scale. In the third study, 60% of the scars treated with Juvista demonstrated 25% or less abnormal collagen orientation in the skin.

Currently, there are a host of scar products available to improve the appearance of scars. First, the use of a compression garment to reduce swelling helps in the scar process. Secondly, plastic surgeons will provide instructions to reduce inflammation, a contributor to excessive scarring. Third, scar sheets made of silicone or other substances and scar creams offer remedies for the improvement of scars.

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