Advances in Neck Liposuction

Neck surgery to improve a neck that may appear as a turkey waddle was more invasive traditionally. Yet, plastic surgeons have developed methods through liposuction to improve the appearance of the neck. At recent meetings through medical organizations, the alternative choices were presented were introduced as being popular alternatives to an invasive neck surgery which was the only possibility previously.

  • Vaser Liposelection and laser lipolysis liposuction modalities may use either ultrasonic or laser based energy to dissolve fat cells so they may be removed through a cannula that is inserted under the skin.
  • Velashape and Accent XL liposuction modalities use radiofrequency energy to produce a controlled heat therapy to reshape the neck area and assist in skin tightening.
  • (CO2)-based lasers including Deep FX and Fraxel Repair have become popular as well for improving lax skin under the chin and down the neck.

The newer modalities are usually performed under local anesthesia and possibly sedation medications. Recovery is typically speedy while there may be limitations to the type of activities that neck liposuction patients may be advised to participate in over the recovery period. In addition, a neck garment may be required to be worn to maintain reshaping of the neck through the healing period. The advantage to some of the newer modalities is that skin laxity may be improved which was not possible through older modalities.

Though, traditional liposuction still remains that most proven type of technique as a permanent, safe and effective means to remove fat cells from localized areas of the neck. The best comfort is in knowing that liposuction of the neck is a mainstay in plastic surgery and quite popular for both men and women today.

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