Mouth Rejuvenation

Mouth rejuvenation has become popular in recent years and understandably so. There are many changes that occur to the face which may impact the appearance of the mouth. The areas below the nose changes as surrounding bones age which may make the area appear sunken, lending to the appearance of an enlarged nose. The size of the nose may appear to be reduced because of added weight in the cheek area and/or facial sagging. The lips thin out and the corners of the mouth turn down from facial sagging. It is interesting to note the types of treatment that are available to provide mouth rejuvenation today.

Deep Skin Folds from the Nose to the Mouth: Fat Fillers and the Mini Facelift are two procedures that may assist in improving deep skin folds around the mouth.

Skin Depressions: Deep dimples and skin depressions around the mouth usually respond well to facial fillers.

Lip Lines and Thinned Lips: Thinned lips and lip lines may be improved through facial fillers. Lip lines may also be improved through skin resurfacing procedures.

Frowned Mouth Corners: The down turned appearance of mouth corners may be improved through injectibles. Further improvement may be accomplished through a small incision and repositioning of the tissue that is applying pressure on the mouth surrounding the mouth corners. Thus, treating the turned down mouth corner appearance.

Sunken Mouth: Cosmetic dentistry such as veneers may augment the area located above the upper lip to the bottom of the nose and sides of the face, improving the appearance of the mouth. Full mouth reconstruction and jaw surgery may also improve the mouth area when it has sunken.

Plastic surgeons from across the U.S. have refined techniques to provide full mouth rejuvenation. Some treatments that were never available before are now available today. These treatments have provided an advantage in treating aging features of the mouth today.

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