Mini-Sculpture Liposuction?

Mini-Sculpture Liposuction was introduced in 2007 which is a term that relates to the smaller cannulas that may be used in liposuction when compared to years ago. Manufacturers developed smaller cannulas to be able to treat smaller areas of the body and face, including: knees, arms, chin, calves, ankles, back and around the sides of the upper torso.

Liposuction uses cannulas to funnel dissolved fat cells from the body through a vacuum like suction. The idea behind mini-sculpture liposuction is to use cannulas that may be as small as 1mm to 2mm in size which results in a less invasive procedure and the ability to precisely treat smaller localized areas of the body.

The greatest advantages to mini-liposuction is in the ability to have the procedure without sedation as well as with less swelling, bruising, and trauma to underlying tissues. When less swelling, bruising and trauma are associated with liposuction, the healing period is reduced and there is a greater prospect for better results. In fact, many plastic surgeons contend that the use of smaller cannulas allows for reduced discomfort and in most cases, a minimal recovery period when compared to the use of larger cannulas. Since general anesthesia is not necessary in mini-sculpture liposuction, the added risks that are associated with general anesthesia do not exist and recovery is quicker. Most patients may return to work within two days of the procedure. Mini-sculpture liposuction has definitely been an advantage to open up many other choices for areas of the body that may be treated through liposuction.

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