Michael Jackson’s Nose Surgery: Understanding the Trail

Based on all accounts, Michael Jackson did have nose surgery to improve the appearance of his nose. There are conflicting reports as to the number of times he had nose surgery. What appears to be clear to many plastic surgeons is that he did have one nose surgery and at least another. Many have asked why. That will be something we need not know. Initial nose surgery is not all that uncommon. Over 152,000 people had nose surgery in 2008. But, what about revision nose surgery? Perhaps, the “why Michael had more than one nose surgery” is the most important question to ask for people interested in improving the appearance of the nose.

There may be numerous reasons why Michael had more than one procedure for his nose. Although, it may appear that his desires were unreasonable to some, it is not all that uncommon to have more than one nose surgery. A small number of people may feel that the improvement was insignificant and does not justify the expense of surgery. A small percentage of people may be otherwise dissatisfied with the results of surgery. Other people experience the natural effects of bone changes that occur in the aging process. Consequently, they may desire a touch up procedure on the nose. Finally, people may experience cartilage loss over time which may alter the appearance of the nose.

For these reason, revision nose surgery is not that uncommon today. There are a select number of plastic surgeons that focus on revision nose surgery. There are also a variety of techniques that may be used in revision nose surgery. Revision nose surgery may be performed with injectibles to improve the nose. Plastic surgeons may use the closed technique in which incisions are placed inside the nose to accomplish nose surgery. Other plastic surgeons may recommend the open technique, involving small incisions on the nose. More than one revision procedure is usually not necessary and does add to the risk of nose cartilage collapse. Injectibles do not usually add to the risk of cartilage collapse. Revision surgery may not be like initial nose surgery. Yet, most people are usually satisfied with the results of the procedure.

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