The List of Measurements for Breast Augmentation

If you are considering breast augmentation, be prepared to spend time with the plastic surgeon you choose to review breast implant possibilities. Yet, the first step is in the many measurements that go into selecting the right breast implant, as follows:

Breast Sagging: The degree of breast sagging (psostis) is graded for breast augmentation.

Asymmetry between the Breasts: Unevenness, varying sizes are measured for breast augmentation.

Skin Quality: The extent of skin quality is quantified in breast augmentation.

Breast Width: All breasts have different widths. This is an important measurement to help decide on the appropriate breast implant as well as decide on the right approach to the procedure.

Glandular Fat of the Breasts: The consistency, quantity and quality of the glandular fat in the breasts must be evaluated for breast augmentation.

Breast Size: The breast size is measured for breast augmentation.

Breast Shape: The breast shape is quantified to identify the need for repositioning of existing breast tissue that may be required for a desirable outcome in breast augmentation.

Nipple Size: The size of the nipples will be evaluated in order to determine an appropriate proportion to the breast implant. Nipple Shape: The shape of the nipples in relation to the breasts may be calculated in breast augmentation.

Chest Wall: Measurements for the chest wall will be taken to help decide on the right breast implant width. Breast implants today are offered in a variety of widths to better meet the needs of women.

Chest Wall Muscle: The chest wall muscle will be examined to help determine the appropriate placement for the breast implant, including under the muscle or above the muscle.

Clavicle: The clavicle will be measured to estimate its relation to the chest and breasts.

Cleavage: The cleavage will be measured to help decide on appropriate breast implant placement.

Lateral Breast Area and Midline: The lateral breast area and midline of the breasts will be measured to help decide on the right breast implant.

Definitely, plastic surgeons take many precautions through measurements to ensure that the appropriate breast implant is selected. Years ago, there were only a select number of types of breast implants to choose from. Today, there are many types of breast implants for women to select from. Breast implants today are designed with consideration for different chest wall sizes. There are many width sizes of breast implants to choose from and varying projection profiles to select from. Today, plastic surgeons take much time to calculate precise measurements and custom fit the right breast implants for their patients.

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