The Lunchtime Boob Job

The lunchtime boob job may sound appealing. The term “lunchtime” sends the message that breast augmentation can be completed in an hour and that it is a simple break in an otherwise normal day. In fact, the term is most associated with a procedure that has not obtained FDA approval, involving a series of injections comprised of filler substances like hyaluronic acid to temporarily build breast volume.

There is an ongoing study that is being conducted in the U.S. to identify safety and efficacy of fat grafting for the purpose of breast augmentation. This procedure involves the use of liposuction to extract fat cells, preparation of the fat cells and injection of the donor fat cells into the breasts. The procedure has been used with success in Europe for many years and is being tested in the U.S. to verify safety and efficacy. However, the extent of breast enlargement is questionable. Also, not all women have adequate fat available to provide a substantial increase in breast size.

The traditional breast augmentation procedure involving silicone and saline breast implants is the only procedure that has passed the FDA test. The procedure is safe and provides a long term enhancement for women interested in increasing breast size. The procedure may require an hour or more time, but recovery time following the procedure is usually a week or more.

Some physicians may tell women interested in breast augmentation that they can achieve adequate results through the use of facial fillers in the breasts. Facial fillers may be used to enhance slight imperfections of natural breasts or those with breast implants when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. However, facial fillers are not FDA approved for use in breast augmentation. In fact, there have been reports of unqualified physicians in the UK failing to administer injections correctly and resulting in complications. Clearly, the lunchtime boob job is questionable at this time.

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