Liposuction for the Little Spots

Liposuction first started as a popular means for subcutaneous fat removal in the abdomen. Yet, it has become more common as of late to perform liposuction for the difficult-to-lose little spots such as the knee caps, love handles, back rolls, turkey neck waddle, calves, and ankles.

The reason for this is four fold. First, liposuction technology has advanced. Today, there are other less invasive choices for the removal for fat. There is ultrasonic liposuction that uses frequency waves to break up the fat before it is removed. There are smaller cannulas that can be inserted into small locations to provide the means to extract tiny bits of fat. In fact, one liposuction alternative that is currently under investigation through a sponsored study is injection lipolysis. Injection lipolysis may be the next advancement soon available for the safe and effective removal of fat with the ability to treat minute areas of the face. The second reason why the little spots are a desirable treatment option is simply because plastic surgery procedures are attractive and common for most anyone today. Add this to a reasonable cost; liposuction for the tiny spots may be the right complimentary procedure to add to the list of things to do this fall. By the same token, it is important to note that the goal of liposuction for little spots is not to perfect the body, but may be the correct additive to improve a small troublesome area. Finally, the risks associated with liposuction for the small spots are low when compared with the benefits that patients may experience, including:

Turkey Neck Waddle Liposuction: Turkey neck waddles are a common condition for the 40 something crowd and may be genetic at a younger age. Turkey neck waddles can inhibit participation in social activities and adversely affect self-esteem. Liposuction for a turkey neck waddle may dramatically improve the appearance of the neck as well as add balance and harmony to the face.

Knee Cap Liposuction: The knee caps are another area that many women have been interested in improving. After all, it is a difficult location to lose fat and the appearance of fat knees is not complimentary to dress styles. Liposuction can be delicate for this area, but can be accomplished in the hands of a skilled liposuction surgeon that has focused on treating the knees.

Calf and Ankle Liposuction: When the ankles and calves are considered, extra weight in these areas can be bothersome. Yet, delicacy and special care in the selection of plastic surgeon for the procedure are paramount concerns for calf and ankle liposuction.

Love Handle, Back Roll, or Flank Liposuction: The most popular little spots tend to be love handles (flanks) and back rolls. Liposuction in these areas may allow men and women to remain in the same size, making the new wardrobe purchase less appealing when compared to a small liposuction investment.

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