Liposuction Healing through Massage

Compression garments are traditionally used to assist in ensuring that the lymph system operates smoothly during recovery from liposuction. Too, compression garments allow for the newly contoured body to retain the new form. Recently, lymphatic massage has become more popular following liposuction to assist in the recovery period.

There are many types of massage. Trigger point massage relieves pain in specific areas by focusing on applying pressure to related trigger points of select muscles. A Swedish massage improves blood flow, releases toxins and enhances circulation. Deep tissue massage involves the application of deep pressure to reduce inflammation and scar tissue in the deepest layers of the muscle tissues, tendons and the fascia. Reflexology focuses on flexing muscles and trigger point pressure to release endorphins in the body. Reflexology is also known for balancing the nervous system. Cranial sacral massage releases tension in the nerve passages of the central nervous system to alleviate pain in the head, back and lower hip area.

Lymphatic massage has been reported to provide a wealth of benefits for liposuction patients, including:


  • Lymphatic massage assists in removing toxins from the body’s cells and tissues.

Lymphatic Flow Improvement:

  • The lymphatic system helps to process and filter by products throughout system. Massage helps to improve the flow of the lymphatic system through connective tissues. This helps with healing.

  • By-Product Release:

  • Microorganisms and bacteria contribute to the risk of infection following liposuction. Massage promotes the filtration system to remove bacteria.

  • Circulation Improvement:

  • Massage delivers oxygen to the body’s cells. This helps to enhance the healing process and improves circulation through blood cells and connective tissues in the body.

  • Immune System Enhancement:

  • Massage assists the immune system which helps to reduce the risk of infection and delayed healing. Massage also balances the white cell count to help prevent inflammation and infection during healing.

Swelling and Inflammation Reducer:

As lymphatic massage increases the flow of the lymphatic system, swelling from liposuction may be reduced. This offers greater comfort and enhanced healing throughout the recovery period.

  • Bodily Systems Improvement:

  • Lymphatic massage improves the function in several bodily systems such the circulatory, respiratory, muscular and endocrine systems.

    Lymphatic massage may be the next best recovery aid for liposuction. However, this information cannot replace the information you receive from your plastic surgeon. Before undergoing lymphatic massage following liposuction, it is important to obtain the advice of your plastic surgeon about massage.

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