The Latest on Anti-Aging Skin Care

In recent years, plastic surgeons began to offer medical grade skincare products in their practices. The benefits of medical grade skincare became readily evident with products that offered accelerated exfoliation, deep penetration of vitamins and supplements, and leveraged moisturizing advantages. Since then, some of the tried and true techniques have evolved and new techniques are on the horizon.

Tried and True Anti-Aging Skincare

The gold standard treatment for preventing and improving aging skin are retinoids. There is prescription tretinoin and over-the-counter variations such as retinaldehyde and retinol have passed a test of time. Retinoids may increase collagen production, speed up cell turnover, balance the outermost skin layer, improve skin pigment, and the appearance of enlarged pores. More invasive techniques offering anti-aging benefits by increasing collagen production are hyaluronic acid facial fillers and laser resurfacing. There are other substances that have proven beneficial for aging skin, including: glycolic acids, hydroquinone and vitamin C.

Up-Coming Skincare Options

As researchers have made headway in having a better understanding of cell biology, the immune system and hormones, peptides and stem cells may one day be engineered to stop and reverse the signs of aging skin. Synthetic peptides may be developed from over 200 plants and animals to provide an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, stimulate collagen, and reverse the signs of aging. Stem cells may be engineered to grow new skin. The viability of peptides and stem cells is still in question. Yet, the techniques may one day provide another weapon for plastic surgeons to use to fight off aging skin.

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