Jewel’s Breast Implant Dilemma

Breast Implant Size Predicament

During consultation with plastic surgeons about breast augmentation, there are several methods used to ensure that the appropriate breast implant size is selected. Plastic surgeons take measurements including: chest width, hip to waist length, breast to shoulder length, breast shape, and breast size. Then, the plastic surgeon speaks with the prospective patient about the desired breast implant size and breast projection type (upper breast pole volume or lower pole volume). The plastic surgeon shows the prospective patient before and after photos of other women who have similar features to the prospective patient. Following this discussion, women interested in breast augmentation may try on different types of breast implants and many sizes in various types of clothing to see how the breast implants may appear following breast augmentation. Some plastic surgeons may use 3-dimensional morphing technology to demonstrate the expected results of the procedure.

Breast Pocket Dissection Possibilities

During breast augmentation, plastic surgeons must perform dissection of the beast pocket so that the breast implant may fit into place. Today, there are smaller tools and better visual guides that may be used to allow for greater precision of the breast pocket dissection. This, in turn, reduces the risk that the breast pocket size will be smaller or greater than the breast implant size.

Placement Location Choices

While the ultimate decision for the location of the breast implant is the patient’s and doctor, the breast implant placement location is usually dictated by the anatomy of the patient’s body. Petite women with a small amount of breast tissue are more likely to have the breast implants placed under the pectoral muscles to reduce the risk of breast implant visibility. In rare cases, the extent of the pectoral muscles may not allow for adequate coverage of the breast implants, resulting in partial coverage of the breast implant. Women who have breast implants located above the pectoral muscles usually have adequate breast tissue to eliminate the risk of breast implant visibility.

The Revision Breast Augmentation Question

On rare occasions, a complication may arise which requires the replacement of breast implants. Also, women may elect revision breast augmentation to receive newer improved breast implants or replace older aged breast implants. In any case, revision breast augmentation is often a straightforward procedure involving the simple removal and replacement of the breast implants through the same under the crease incision (only in under the crease incisions). A select number of plastic surgeons focus on revision breast augmentation because of complications. This type of revision breast surgery may be more complex. Women who are concerned about a complication from surgery are advised to seek out plastic surgeons that have extensive experience in revision breast surgery.

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