Interesting Anti-Aging Trends for 2009

The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine has complied some of the common trends for minimally invasive procedures, topical ointments and creams. It’s an Anti-Aging Buying Market!

Facial Fillers and Minimally Invasive Procedures Top Priority
Plastic surgeons and consumers alike have been more inclined to pursue less invasive plastic surgery procedures than ever before. The technology used in more invasive procedures has even become less invasive with tools techniques such as sedation agents, lasers, advanced pain pumps, smaller instruments, less dissection and less pain.

Minimally Invasive Eye Treatments Are In
More eye rejuvenation and eye accenting products are available. This includes Allergan’s Latisse which builds on fuller darker eye lashes, Botox Cosmetic to treat crow’s feet and between the brows wrinkles as well as Juvederm to fill depressions around the eyes.

Cosmeceuticals Will Grow
An October 2008 report by the Freedonia Group has estimated that the US Cosmeceuticals Market will increase by 7.2 % per year to $8.2 billion in 2012.

Ingredient Filled Over-The-Counter Beauty Aids Will Thrive
Over-the-counter products with salicylic acid, caffeine, peptides, lavender oils, vitamins, extracts and the like will be popular among women. Scientific evidence suggests improved over-the- counter methods for eye puffiness, removal of excess fluid, circulation, bacteria, and inflammation.

Probiotics and Anti-oxidants from Diet to Over-the-Counter Products Is the Drive
Anti-oxidants such as goji berry extract, turmeric root extract and acai extract are available in topical form to reduce free radical damage. Anti-aging with the use of green tea and botanicals in foods is a call to action as well. Probiotics are being introduced in topical form to thwart of the signs of aging.

Medical Weight Loss Management: A Growing Desire
With the high numbers of obese that have not lost weight through traditional means and many others overweight, gastric bypass and liposuction appear to be two procedures that will continue to grow.

Public Demands Credentials for Anti-Aging Care
According to IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Consumer Study survey, 78% of the participants deemed physician credentials very important on the scale for choosing an anti-aging treatment provider. The participants ranged in age from 21 to 60.

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