Innovative Gel Enhances Nose Surgery Recovery

Following nose surgery, plastic surgeons usually must pack the nose with gauze, cotton balls or cotton wedges to absorb blood, mucous and drainage from the incision. Nose packing also reduces bleeding. In fact, nose packing can be important to support the skin, tissue and cartilage so that the nose maintains its newly defined position. Nose packing is removed within a few days following surgery. Nose packing may be uncomfortable for the duration of placement and removal, but is a manageable component of nose surgery. Nose packing is not bothersome when considering the ultimate benefits associated with nose surgery. Yet, an innovative technique may one day be a mainstay alternative to nose packing.

Dating back to 2006, a select number of Otolaryngologists compared wound healing between nose packed patients and those who were sprayed with the natural gel like substance. The Otolaryngologists used a natural combination of ingredients to provide the same benefits as nose packing provides. This is combination consists of the patient’s plasma, red bloods, white blood cells, platelets, and thrombin, a cow hormone which allows for enhanced blood clotting. The Otolaryngologists then spray the combination into the nose. Upon contact with the nasal tissue, the spray forms into a gel like consistency to protect the nose. In the days following nose surgery, the gel is absorbed into the nasal tissue of the patient. The technique does not involve the use of a bandage, as may be required in nose packing.

The people who received the natural gel like substance reported less pain and a smoother recovery following nose surgery. The patients who received the nose gel spray did not experience discomfort and restricted breathing- both of which may be associated with traditional nose surgery. People interested in nose surgery may ask their plastic surgeon about this gel like spray and other alternatives that might be available for nose packing.

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