Vitamins and Herbs to Improve Liposuction Results

The plastic surgery community has known that liposuction results may be enhanced through select vitamins and herbs for quite some time. In fact, a component in a liposuction recovery kit may be select herbs and vitamins. Knowing that select vitamins and herbs come “doctor recommended”, people interested in liposuction should seek out the advice of a plastic surgeon to identify the appropriate vitamins and drugs for their liposuction surgery at least two weeks prior to the procedure.

Arica Montana: Arnica Montana is prepared from the roots of a flowering plant that has a yellow capitula and may be found in Europe. Physicians have learned that Arica Montana helps to facilitate the transport of blood through subcutaneous blood capillaries. This, in turn, helps the wound healing process Arica Montana is also an anti-inflammatory agent.

Bromelain: Bromelain is derived from pineapple juice and stems. Bromelain helps to reduce inflammation and swelling which helps to speed up the maturation process of liposuction scars. In addition, inflammation and swelling contribute to pain. So, the lack of inflammation and swelling provides greater comfort during the recovery period from liposuction. Bromelain also assists in digestive functioning. Pain medication may inhibit digestive functioning. Bromelain may enhance digestive performance following liposuction surgery.

Vitamin A The function of Vitamin A is important in wound healing from liposuction. Vitamin A also assists in the immune process so the vitamin helps to prevent infection. It is not appropriate to take Vitamin A prior to the liposuction procedure, but may be advised to take for two weeks following liposuction.

Vitamin K: Vitamin K in cream form has been found useful in the repair of broken capillaries and improves the bruise maturation process.

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