Headlines for Miss California about Breast Augmentation

Miss California made headlines for numerous reasons over the past year. Most recently, she has made headlines for the financing she received of over $5000.00 to follow through on a breast augmentation procedure. Miss California is not unlike many other women that finance their plastic surgery procedures. Many women select finance options for breast surgery. Some may choose to use their credit card. Others may use patient financing that is offered in many plastic surgeons offices. There are great reasons why patient financing is so popular.

The Patient Finance Snapshot

Patient financing may be more attractive than using a credit card. Patient financing companies may offer better rates than provided through credit cards. One of the biggest advantages of patient financing is that the companies may cover all or a portion of the costs associated with breast augmentation. The costs considered by patient financing companies are the fees for the breast surgeon, costs for the facility where the procedure will be performed and fees for the anesthesia that is required for the procedure.

Exceptions to the Rule

The fees for pre-operative office visits are not covered by patient financing companies, but the plastic surgeon may waive the fee should the procedure be performed. Pre-operative and post operative prescriptions may not be covered by a patient finance plan nor may recovery aids. However, some recovery aids may be provided by the plastic surgeon at no charge. Health insurance companies usually do not pay for breast surgery costs, pre or post op prescriptions or recovery aids, with one exception. This exception may be all or partial payment for breast reconstruction following mastectomy or lumpectomy. Misshapen breasts and breast droopiness are most often not covered by insurance company plans unless there is a major abnormality resulting from traumatic injury or genetics. Conversely, breast reduction costs have been well-received by health insurance providers. This is because over enlarged breasts may cause medical conditions and physical discomfort. We may not know the details of why Miss California Carrie Prejean has made headlines with a directive to pay for her breast augmentation. Yet, we do know that most finance companies offer very flexible repayment options at little to no interest, with terms that may extend for a few years time.

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