Fast Facts about Revision Breast Augmentation

Revision breast augmentation is usually not a concern for women when compared to the benefits of the procedure. Yet, it is important to know about revision breast augmentation when deciding upon the initial procedure.

  • Revision breast surgery is not a requirement for women. Some women elect revision surgery because they are dissatisfied with the initial procedure results such as the desire to further increase breast size. Other women choose to have revision breast surgery to replace old implants or treat a complication from the initial breast augmentation procedure.
  • Risk of revision surgery to increase breast size is reduced by plastic surgeons because they use tools to identify the appropriate breast size in the initial consultation. Women may try-on various breast implant sizes and types in the office. Women may bring a variety of clothes to the consultation so they may see the different appearance of breast implants in clothes that are not similar. Plastic surgeons review before and after photos of patients with similar anatomical features. They may also have computer imaging technology to morph the results of the procedure.
  • Revision breast surgery is usually not performed for twelve or more months following the initial procedure. This allows for time for final healing. This is also because breasts drop and take final form over time.
  • Plastic surgeons may waive surgical fees for revision breast surgery, but cannot usually waive fees for the facility or anesthesia.

Revision breast augmentation to replace breast implants is usually less traumatic than the first procedure. An exception to this premise may be surgery to treat a complication.

  • Some plastic surgeons focus on revision breast augmentation. They may have more experience in treating complications from initial breast surgery procedures.
  • Quality aftercare reduces the risk of revision breast surgery.
  • Individual traits impact the results of breast augmentation procedures.
  • Cleavage does not change through the breast augmentation procedure. Women may appear to have cleavage in clothes following breast augmentation.
  • Women interested in plastic surgery are screened for body dysmorphic disorder which can cause women to have unhealthy elevated concerns about minor physical flaws. Screening helps to reduce the risk of re-operation.

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