Facial Plastic Surgery: A Joint Discovery

Many people visit plastic surgeons about facial plastic surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2007 statistics, 600,000 facial plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2007. Facelifts increased by 14%-16% from 2006. In fact, less invasive procedures showed large increases in 2007, including: calcium hydroxylapatite at a 123%-134% increase, laser skin resurfacing at a 32% increase, polylactic acid at a 38% increase, and hyaluronic acid at a 24%-35% increase. Yet, the journey from deciding to have facial plastic surgery to the specific treatment plan may differ in several ways.

When joint discoveries are made during initial consultations with plastic surgeons, people interested in facial plastic surgery may learn that an alternative procedure treating a different area of the face will satisfactorily improve the area of the face that the person was interested in improving. For example, eye lid surgery will improve the appearance of hooded eyebrows, select wrinkles around the eyes and a tired appearance. Cheek implants and injectables may be an adjunct or alternative for wrinkles below the eyes, crow’s feet and a tired appearance. The forehead lift may be an appropriate alternative to upper eye lid surgery for patients interested in minimal improvements to the forehead and upper eye lids.

People interested in facial plastic surgery may also learn that there are adjuncts to treatment or alternatives for a specific facial feature that they never knew about. In fact, plastic surgeons may suggest injectables for the prevention of wrinkles. There are also more non-surgical methods to select from than ever before. There are so many factors that may be uncovered through consultations in plastic surgery that plastic surgeons may spend an hour reviewing your concerns. During a consultation for facial plastic surgery, plastic surgeons will evaluate and measure dimensions of the features of the face. They will evaluate skin elasticity, skin tone, facial sagging, and skin condition. A joint discovery about facial plastic surgery is often an eye opening experience for many people interested in facial plastic surgery.

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