Facial and Body Contouring to the Next Level: First Human Tissue Graft

The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, a non-profit tissue bank, has extended the opportunity for people interested in plastic surgery to receive the first ever human tissue grafts for plastic surgery. Facial plastic surgery and body contouring can meet expectations for improving appearance in many aesthetic concerns. However, there are times that plastic surgery results can be enhanced with the use of human tissue grafts. Human tissue grafts offers means to improve defects of the face, breasts, lips and other areas. Human tissue grafts may be an alternative to implants and injectibles that are currently available.

The beauty about using human tissue grafts for facial plastic surgery and body contouring is that the product is natural, easily accessible, ease to use, and does not require refrigeration. The human tissue graft is called BellaDerm. Belladerm is an acellular matrix derived from donated human allograft skin. Because it is natural, Belladerm is not associated with allergy risks that are associated with animal derived products and certain synthetic implants. It is suspected that the results from using human tissue grafts have greater longevity than can be achieved through the use of injectibles.

Not all plastic surgeons will use human tissue grafts. While the technology is suspected to be easy for plastic surgeons to use, not all physicians are trained in human tissue graft techniques. The survival rate of the graft may be associated with the technique of the doctor. Yet, it is another procedure in the armory of tools that some plastic surgeons may use to repair defects. The defects improved through human tissue grafts may include: breast reconstruction imperfections, dog bites, and facial or body depressions. It is not known to what extent human tissue grafts will be used for lip enhancement.

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