Eye Lid Surgery Anyone?

Lower eye lids do not have oil glands. Thus, they require tender care prior to aging, during mid life and throughout elder years. Perhaps, this is why skincare professionals advocate the use of eye creams. Eye creams help to improve the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and under eye circles. They may contain Vitamin E, Vitamin C and or Vitamin K as well as minerals and natural supplements. By the same token, there are some aging side effects that eye creams cannot assist with. For this reason, plastic surgeons have a number of choices available to improve the various side effects of aging lower eye lids, including:

Botox: Botox specifically addresses crow’s feet and produces an immediate consistent result. The positive results of Botox require touch ups to maintain the benefit. Yet, women that wish to prevent wrinkles in the eye area and women that have wrinkles enjoy the benefits of Botox.

Traditional Eye Lid Surgery: The types of eye lid surgical choices are recently evolving due to the results of a study published in the September 2008 issue of Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Formerly, physicians felt that the ligament in the area of the oribital spectrum weakens with aging and is responsible for baggy lower eye lids. The recent study concluded that fat in the lower eye lid is more likely to produce the appearance of puffiness and bags under the eyes. Therefore, lower eye lid surgery is highly individualized. Plastic surgeons may reposition the fat, remove fat, tighten the muscle and/or improve the ligament surrounding the eyes. The results of lower eye lid surgery may last up ten or more year’s time. Of course, the results age as the skin ages, but many women have been satisfied with the results of eye lid surgery. Over 200,000 women underwent the eye lid surgery procedure in 2007, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Non-Surgical Laser Eye Lid Treatment: In October of 2008, LaserTight announced the launch of Eyetight, a non-surgical laser approach to eye lid surgery. The procedure results are expected to progress over an eight week period following treatment. Positive outcomes have been documented by the manufacturer.

Whether you select a tried and true option for improving the appearance of your lower eye lids or decide upon a more innovative approach for the improvement of the eye lids, in the end traditional eye cream appears to always be a part of a healthy eye lid regimen.

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