The Decision for Breast Implant Placement

There are many items to consider when deciding on breast augmentation. First, you must decide on the right plastic surgeon for your procedure. Then, you’ll need to decide the type of breast implant you will have, where your incision will be located, and where the breast implant will be placed under the breast. The placement of breast implants under the breast is a primary concern for many women. The right location for placement under the breast is based on the extent of breast tissue, muscle and the measurements of your breasts.

The reasons why placement location is important are numerous. Proper breast implant placement prevents visibility of the breast implant under the breast which does not allow for the breast implant edge to surface to the skin. Proper implant placement location also is important for mammography examinations. Implant placement may also affect the aging appearance of breast augmentation. Proper placement location also reduces the risks that are associated with the procedure such as capsular contracture, an abnormally round appearance, rippling of the breasts or visibility of the breast implant edge on the breast.

Today, there are three placement locations for women to choose from, including:

Above The Muscle

The above the pectoral muscle and under breast tissue location may be appropriate for women with adequate breast tissue to cover the implant and those that are interested in very large breast implants. This approach must be weighed against the others because there maybe elevated risks for select complications. Though the overall risks are low, mammography results may be obstructed; the breast implant may protrude and become visible under the breast, implant migration, and increased breast sagging over time may occur.

Sub-Muscular Placement

Sub-muscular breast implant placement provides some coverage of the breast implant by the pectoral muscles and offers more support for the breast implant. This limits the risk of breast implant visibility, breast sagging, and capsular contracture when compared to the above muscle approach. Yet, the risk of the implant bottoming out is similar to the above the muscle technique. This technique may be performed through the nipple or under the crease incision.

Below Muscle Placement

Implants placed below the muscle completely allows for the most support of the breast implant. This technique further reduces all above mentioned complication risks. Not all women are candidates for this technique. One qualification for the use of this approach is an adequate extent of the pectoral muscles to cover the breast implant.

In the end, the anatomical features of the breasts are a significant factor in breast implant placement location. Though, recovery may be slightly more uncomfortable in sub muscular and below the muscle placement, the advantages may be ultimately greater.

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