Changes in Sinus Nose Surgery

Dating back to B.C., nose surgery (rhinoplasty) was performed for cosmetic and functional improvement of the nose. In the Renaissance period, further advancements were made to improve techniques through updated technology designed to enhance the nose. The cosmetic appearance of the nose became more important in the Renaissance period. The next major shift in nose surgery was initiated due to World War I. During this time period, many soldiers required reconstructive facial plastic surgery. Reconstructive nose surgery during this time period focused heavily on the functional aspects of the nose as well as the aesthetics of the nose. In 2007, close to 300,000 nose surgeries were performed, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

And why wouldn’t rhinoplasty be one of the most sought after plastic surgery procedures? After all, rhinoplasty can change the size of the nose, reshape the nasal tip, reframe the bridge of the nose, narrow or widen the nostrils, improve an unattractive genetic feature, and alter the look from the nose to the upper lip. Most importantly, rhinoplasty can improve the functional aspects of the nose when required.

During the nose surgery procedure, plastic surgeons may reframe the nose by reshaping cartilage and underlying tissue. In 2009, there is a new option available for completing nose surgery. The new technique involves the use of a balloon and wire technology. This technique is specifically used for the relief of sinus conditions. The advantage with the new technique is in the ability to access the sinus cavity for treatment without the need to excise nasal tissue or skin on the nose. Instead, the nasal passage is unblocked with the assistance of wire technology that provides accessibility to the nose. In addition, a balloon is inserted into the nose and expands to dislodge the blockage. The technique is said to reduce operating time by 30 minutes and contain operating costs by up to $1000.00.

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