Cautious About Breast Implant Size? Option, Post Surgery Fine-Tuning

Whether it is one cup size, two or three, women interested in breast augmentation may not be certain about the size of the change that they wish to create through breast augmentation. Also, breast size appears differently in different types of clothes. In fact, bra manufacturers develop many types of bras, all of which provide varying levels of comfort and fit. Then, there came adjustable breast implants.

Years ago, adjustable breast implants were not available. Since then, breast implant manufacturers have created breast implants that may be deflated or inflated, as needed. Once swelling subsides and breasts drop into position following augmentation, the true features of enhanced breasts become evident. Within six months following breast augmentation, the final result is apparent. This is a time when a woman may decide that the size is not quite right. Too, women may gain glandular fat in the breasts through weight gain. Breast size may increase with age. All of these reasons may signify the need to change breast implant size.

Adjustable saline breast implants allow plastic surgeons to make changes in breast size. Adjustable breast implants are offered in both saline and silicone shell. The procedure to adjust breast implant size is fairly simple. Plastic surgeons may insert a syringe into the location of the initial surgical incision to remove or fill the breast implant with saline. In essence, the breast augmentation procedure does not have to be repeated for an adjustment. There is no need to dissect the breast pocket and no trauma to underlying breast tissue. The change may be up to 20% or more.

Clearly, the advantages in adjustable breast implants are related to the simplicity in the procedure and ease in recovery. Women interested in breast augmentation may not ever think that they will desire a breast size change, but a time may come that a size change is appropriate. Adjustable breast implants provide a simple solution for such times.

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