Attn. Cancer Victims: Be Aware of Breast Enhancement Options ASAP

Breast enhancement may be the last thing on your mind when a diagnosis of breast cancer is confirmed by your physician. However, breast enhancement should be thoroughly discussed with your physician during initial consultation, including the benefits and risks of all breast cancer treatment options. This is important considering that certain options leverage the opportunity for improved outcomes following cancer treatment.

Unfortunately, many breast cancer victims are missing out on the benefit of discussing all options at the time of diagnosis. Often times, there are only one or two physicians that participate in the diagnosis and treatment plan. Statistics reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons demonstrate that close to 70% of the women who were candidates for breast reconstruction were not informed of all applicable breast reconstruction options at the time of diagnosis. In 2008, there were over 79,000 breast reconstruction procedures performed on women who received treatment for breast cancer. The American Society of Plastic Surgery also suggests that there needs to be an inter-disciplinary approach to diagnosis and care for breast cancer patients. The types of physicians that should be involved in diagnosis and treatment plan to ensure an optimal outcome includes: the primary care physician, general surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, oncologist, gynecologist, and plastic surgeon.

There are numerous methods available for treating breast cancer. There are also a number of methods available to perform breast reconstruction, with or without breast implants. Breast implants is only one option in breast reconstruction treatment. Furthermore, breast cancer victims cannot look at breast augmentation results and feel that this will be the outcome for them. Aesthetic needs in breast cancer are highly individual and relate to the extent of breast cancer treatment. The techniques used in breast cancer treatment vary among physicians as well. So, the ultimate result of breast cancer treatment plays a role in the outcome of breast reconstruction. If you think you have breast cancer, be certain to involve all necessary physicians that the ASPS recommends for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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