Breast Surgery for Nipple Enhancement

Breast surgery is a term that may be used to describe breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and breast reconstruction. Women interested in breast surgery often seek out the procedure to improve specific aspects of the breasts. They may have primary concerns for an increased breast size, a reduction in breast size to improve appearance and medical conditions, enhancement for misshapen or asymmetric breasts and reconstruction from cancer. Yet, many women may not know that the nipples play a role in breast enhancement. The reasons for nipple enhancement are numerous, including:

  • Breast augmentation, reduction, lift and reconstruction may impact the appearance of the nipples.
  • The size or shape of the nipples may be most bothersome.
  • Raising the location of the nipples may provide for perkier breasts.
  • Retraction of the nipples may impact the appearance of the breasts and make breast feeding difficult.
  • Nipple erection may be embarrassing to women.

Trends today suggest that nipple surgery has increased, just as the desire for more natural breasts. The advantage of today’s nipple surgery is that improved techniques allow for the reduced risk of sensitivity loss or increased sensitivity, may not prevent breast feeding, and focus on preserving the blood supply to the nipples.

During consultation about breast surgery with plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons will discuss the appearance of the nipples and their role in breast enhancement. They will discuss the technique that may be used to improve the appearance of the breasts through nipple surgery. They will discuss the benefits and risks associated with nipple surgery. In summation, nipple surgery may be the only requirement or an adjunct to breast enhancement in today’s society. Though nipple surgery is not a component of every type of breast surgery, it is a procedure that may enhance the breasts in more ways than one.

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