Breast Augmentation: How Much Is Enough?

Sehlya Hershey of Houston Texas recently underwent her ninth breast augmentation surgery to become a 34KKK with reports that the amount of silicone totaled 1 gallon. Sehlya went to Brazil for her breast augmentation because the U.S. has limits to breast implant sizes. Indeed, the U.S. does. This is due, in part, to the risk of body dysmorphic disorder (BBD). Though, body dysmorphic disorder affects a small percentage of the population, plastic surgeons in the U.S. traditionally screen for body dysmorhpic disorder during plastic surgery consultations.

Women commonly seek out breast augmentation because of a desire to increase breast size. They may also be concerned about other features of the breasts, including breast asymmetry, breast sagginess, breast contour irregularities, tubular breasts or otherwise misshapen breasts. All of which may be legitimate reasons for operation. However, people with body dysmorphic disorder have a preoccupation with a less than an ideal image.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a psychological disorder that may affect people of any age. People with body dysmorphic disorder have an incessant preoccupation with minor flaws and imperfections of face and body. They may also suffer from depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, anxiety issues, agoraphobia, and trichotillomania. A person with body dysmorphic disorder may request multiple surgeries or be likely to be dissatisfied with the results of their plastic surgery procedure.

Multiple Breast Enhancements?
Two of the most common reasons why women select a second operation in breast augmentation are to further increase size or to improve breast sagginess or breast contour irregularities through the breast lift procedure. In some cases, women with breast implants may exchange aged implants within ten to fifteen years following an initial procedure. To limit the requests for the desire to further increase breast size, plastic surgeons use tools which help to select the right breast implant size at the initial consultation. Breast implants are offered in many shapes and sizes to help ensure patient satisfaction. With all things considered, it is not inappropriate for women to have additional breast surgery at some point in time. By the same token, caution is taken to ensure the patient’s goals are realistic and that the expectations are reasonable.

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