Reoperation for Aging Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation reoperation for reasons other than complications is usually a straightforward procedure. One might say that it’s as simple as slipping the breast implant out and a new one in.

  • Some plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation reoperation on patients with aging breast implants under local anesthesia and sedation which provides a semi-conscious state. Local anesthesia and sedation is a method that is associated with less risk than general anesthesia and a potentially reduced recovery time period. Though, women may prefer the additional comfort provided by general anesthesia.
  • Breast augmentation reoperation for aging implants is usually associated with less trauma because dissection of the breast pocket was performed in the initial breast augmentation procedure.
  • Breast augmentation reoperation may be performed in an outpatient, office based surgical suite which is less costly than a hospital and offers greater privacy.
  • Breast implants offered today are superior to breast implants of ten to twenty years ago. Women may benefit more from silicone gel implants choices and improved saline options such as textured or smooth round and tear drop.

There are some clear advantages to reoperation for aging breast implants when compared to initial breast augmentation procedures. By the same token, there are precautions associated with the advantages in breast augmentation reoperation.

  • Local anesthesia and sedation may combine a variety of medications that may adversely interact with medications, over the counter drugs, dietary supplements and herbal remedies that you may be taking prior to surgery. It is critical to disclose the use of any medications to the plastic surgeon that will be performing the reoperation at least two to three weeks prior to the procedure. This time period will allow time for you to cease medications that might adversely interact with local anesthesia and sedation.
  • Breast augmentation reoperation is real surgery. There may be more complexity involved in the procedure than calculated prior to a breast augmentation reoperation. The nature of the complexity may not be discovered until the surgery commences. Plastic surgeons that focus on breast augmentation reoperation are skilled at managing complexities should one arise, but women should be aware that the idea of less trauma depends upon the ultimate complexity involved in the procedure.
  • Outpatient office based surgical suites may be appropriate for some breast augmentation reoperation patients. Yet, not all office based surgical facilities are equipped with the same equipment and staffing that hospitals area. It is important to research information about the office based facility that you may plan to use for your procedure. Inquire about accreditation, equipment, staffing and special requirements should a complication arise.

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