Breast Augmentation Recovery Signs

Breast augmentation remains the most popular procedure among women. After all, the benefits of better fitting clothes, a greater proportioned figure and improved appearance can offer many benefits. Yet, the time period for breast augmentation recovery requires a bit of patience and special attention to your needs. Let’s explore some of signs associated with breast augmentation recovery, including:

Breast Firmness, Height and Misshapen Breasts: Breast augmentation patients may feel that their breasts are too firm, rest too high on the chest or are oddly shaped. The degree of breast firmness depends upon a variety of factors such as breast implant type and breast implant placement. Excessive breast firmness usually reduces over time. In addition, breasts do rest high on the chest after breast augmentation and gradually drop over the next few weeks following surgery. Finally, breasts may appear to be projecting too much or otherwise misshapen. Over time, breasts will fall into a natural form and shape. Breast compression garments and wraps are crucial for the dropping of breasts.

Breast Compression Garment Tightening: Breast augmentation recovery may involve tightening of the breast compression garment that is required to be worn following surgery. Tightening is often due to swelling that is a natural occurrence in breast augmentation. Yet, it’s important to minimize swelling as much as possible. To reduce swelling, there are diet modifications that can be made such as minimal salt intake, natural healing remedies and prescription drugs. In severe cases of swelling, an alternative compression garment may be more appropriate until the excessive swelling subsides. It is important to report excessive swelling to your plastic surgeon and follow their recommendations.

Breast Augmentation Nausea or Vomiting: Some breast augmentation patients are more prone to nausea than others. Your plastic surgeon will take precautions to avoid post operative nausea or vomiting. The prevention of post operative nausea is particularly important in breast augmentation. It is important to advise your plastic surgeon should nausea or vomiting occur. Your surgeon may recommend over the counter medications such as Benadryl or prescription drugs such as Phenergan, Zofran, Decadron to relieve nausea. Crackers may help settle the stomach as well.

Breast discoloration, redness, shininess or burning sensations: Breast augmentation recovery may involve some discoloration and discomfort of the breasts. Breast implants stretch the skin and the result may be breast shininess, burning sensations, and/or redness of the breasts. Moisturizers can help alleviate such strains, ask your plastic surgeon about the proper type of moisturizers and be certain to avoid the incision area during application.

Breast Numbness: Breast numbness may temporarily occur after breast augmentation. This usually subsides within weeks following surgery.

Nipple Erection and Sensitivity: Breast augmentation patients may experience over sensitivity of the nipples and constant nipple erection after surgery. This too will subside over time. In the meantime, breast augmentation patients may use nursing pads or appropriately sized band aids to protect the nipples.

Of course, it is important to note that breast augmentation recovery does end soon after the procedure. Be comforted in knowing there is a bright light at the end for the tunnel!

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