Breast Augmentation and Mental Health

The impact on mental health from breast augmentation has long been a topic of discussion among members of the plastic surgery community. In 2006, the Aesthetic Surgery Journal published a report that demonstrated the impact of breast augmentation on body image and sexual appeal. The findings were impressive, as follow:

  • Improved self image.
  • Greater dressing possibilities.
  • Greater sexual satisfaction for both breast augmentation patients and partners.
  • Less inhibited to experiment with unique sexual activities.

There was also a study conducted by Cynthia Figueroa-Haas, clinical assistant professor at UF’s College of Nursing that evaluated self-image and sexuality of over 80 women between the ages of 21 to 57 following breast augmentation. The study involved screening the breast augmentation patient’s level of self esteem and sexuality before breast augmentation surgery and thereafter. When queried,

  • Self-esteem scores increased an average of over 4% to the top 75% number on the survey.
  • Sexual function increased by approximately 4% overall, with an average of 4 points less than the highest number offered in the survey of 36.
  • Sexual desire was over 78% more than before the procedure.
  • Sexual satisfaction had a 57% increase.
  • Small number did not experience any changes following breast augmentation.

In fact, The British Psychological Society Psychology of Women allowed for the presentation of NHS research data complied by Katie Trickey of Canterbury Christ Church University to note the improvement of mental health in breast augmentation patients. The NHS preformed breast augmentation on women that had cited mental health reasons for the cosmetic improvement that can e achieved through breast augmentation. These women described psychological distress and lack of quality life because of their unappealing breasts. The NHS currently supports initiatives for funding breast augmentation for patients that are experiencing mental health issues as a result of their unattractive breasts.

In conclusion, the medical industry has come a long way in understanding the impact that breast augmentation has on patients.

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