Baby Boomer Liposuction: Special Considerations

Liposuction is an appealing plastic surgery procedure for baby boomers. The reasons for this are numerous. According to a report entitled The Baby Boom published in the New Strategist Publication, baby boomers exercise and dine out of the home more often than the average person. The report also found that 35% of baby boomers are concerned about excessive weight, another reason for liposuction. Liposuction for Baby Boomers is generally appropriate, but there are some special considerations.

The Weight Issue

Baby boomers may be attracted to the advantage of permanent fat removal for exercise resistant fat areas. Liposuction is appropriate for people within fifteen pounds of normal weight. Liposuction may also be appropriate for people who are obese, depending upon existing medical conditions that they may have. However, liposuction is not a replacement for massive weight loss surgery. Massive weight loss surgery is designed to surgically restrict food intake. Massive weight loss surgery triggers extensive weight loss over a year’s time. Liposuction for the obese is typically appropriate for the improvement of mobility. There is also large volume liposuction which may help an obese individual that would not otherwise qualify for massive weight loss surgery.

Common Treatment Areas

The most common areas that baby boomers request for liposuction treatment are the neck, stomach, hips, flanks, back, thighs and buttocks. More recently, baby boomers have become interested in liposuction for the knees. Obese individuals may be interested in liposuction for the knees, ankles, arms, hips and back.

Special Pre Op and Post Op Instructions

Plastic surgeons will provide a list of pre and post operative instructions to follow in order to reduce the risk of complications and enhance recovery. It is very important that baby boomers provide a list of medications, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and natural healing remedies that they are taking several weeks prior to surgery. This is particularly important for baby boomers because baby boomers tend to purchase natural foods and vitamins online. According to, 42% more Boomers investigate online natural foods/vitamins in a six month period. In addition, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen in the weeks before liposuction. Finally, it is crucial to refrain from smoking and sun exposure which may adversely affect the results of the procedure.

Most often, liposuction restores shapely body contours and provides for natural results. The procedure is not time consuming and recovery is not extensive. Most people return to normal activities within three days of the procedure. This makes liposuction very appealing to baby boomers today.

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