African Americans Interested in Nose Surgery

In 2005, nose surgery accounted for approximately 65% of all cosmetic procedures that were performed on African-Americans, according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Since then, plastic surgeons have continued to refine rhinoplasty techniques for African Americans to focus on the build up of the nasal dorsal, decrease in the width of the nostrils, and uplift of the nasal tip.

The best part about treatment for all three areas is that ethnicity can be preserved but the accentuated results of the procedure can be enhancing. Announced by PRWEB on July 21, 2008, Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj, Founder and Director of The Aesthetic Facial Surgery Institute of New York and New Jersey, produced further enlightening results from his study of 75 African American rhinoplasty patients.

Rhinoplasty study participants had the desire to augment the height of the dorsal, create a lift in the front profile angle, reshape a bulbous nasal tip, and perfect the overall appearance of the nose by decreasing its size- all to be accomplished while preserving ethnicity. Dr. Slupchynskyj noted that many of the study participants experienced heightened self-esteem, satisfaction, preservation of ethnicity and a minimal complication rate.

Traditionally, nose surgery for African American’s has been associated with the need for special care when compared to Caucasian patients due to the following unique features:

  • Dense skin that may be more prone to scarring.
  • Shorter nasal bones require greater delicacy.
  • Personalized approach to treatment because of the variances in the noses among African Americans.

The advantages when compared to Caucasian nose surgery include:

  • Greater likelihood of being able to use internal incisions that will not create visible scars.
  • Build ups can most often be accomplished with the use of the patients own tissue, cartilage, and bone.
  • Minimally invasive techniques may be used to reduce the width of the nose.

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