3-D Imaging Options Best Suited for Women with Breast Implants

Breast augmentation requires special care during mammography and makes mammography an absolute necessity for the early detection of breast cancer in women with saline breast implants. Now, women with breast implants can achieve greater benefits from 3-D imaging used in some of today’s medical centers that offer mammography testing in the following ways, including:

  • Improves results for women with dense breast tissue that would otherwise require a second procedure such as a MRI traditionally to confirm initial test results.
  • Tumor detection for those that are a size a bit larger than a needle tip compared to the size a marble offered in traditional mammography.
  • Increase breast cancer detection by 23%.
  • Reduces false positive results for breast cancer by 46%.
  • Visibility for certain breast areas that were not visible through mammography of the past.
  • Reduces the need for possible additional procedures.
  • Less expensive option for women with dense breast tissue when compared to an MRI requirement.

In fact, medical centers are using a variety of approaches to improve the results of mammography today. Three-dimensional mammography involves the overlay of images of the breasts so they can be viewed through 3-D glasses vs. the traditional method through a two-dimensional mammography. Some medical centers use a type of radioactive dye that presents a visual for chemical indicators of breast cancer.

Medical Center and Approach Choices

There are three primary considerations when deciding on mammography for breast implant patients that involve the type of medical center that is chosen and the type of approach for early detection of early breast cancer, including:

  • Inform the medical center that you have breast implants prior to receiving a mammography.
  • Inquire about the type of technology that may be available to provide advantages for breast implant patients.
  • Ongoing mammography screens should only be for saline breast implant patients. Silicone breast implant patients require ongoing MRI’s for the early detection of breast cancer.

Regular screening for the early detection of breast cancer is part of the regimen for all breast implant patients over the course of lifetime. Discuss mammography and MRI screening with the plastic surgeon that performs your breast augmentation before undergoing the procedure.

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