The 15 Minute Nose Job

In recent years, injectibles have come to surface to replace the need of nose surgery for some people. Touted as a 15 minute nose job, injectibles may improve the appearance of many aspects of the nose. Lets’ explore some of the injectibles and the types of changes that can occur with the use of injectibles.

Drooping Nose: Depending upon the degree of a drooping nose, Botox may be used to upturn the nose. The results are immediate and may last for up to six months.

Skin Cancer Removal: Skin cancer removal leaves depressions on the nose. Depending upon the size of the depression, depressions may be filled with select facial fillers of thick consistency. These results are immediate and may last for up to eighteen months.

Depressions on the Nose: Depressions on the nose may be improved through injectibles as well.

Asymmetry Between Nose Sides: A nose that appears to have one side larger than the other may be treated with fillers.

Humps on the Nose: Nose humps may be improved by injecting a filler into the area surrounding the hump to create an even appearance.

Crooked Nose: A crooked nose may be evened out through facials fillers that may be injected on the sides that are out of place to create a balanced appearance.

Of course, injectibles and facial fillers do not work for everyone. People with larger nasal deformities may require nose surgery. The extent, type and size of the deformity play a role in the decision for injectibles, fillers, or nose surgery.

Recap of the Benefits

For people that can benefit from injectibles and fillers, the advantages are numerous. The results are immediate. Botox lasts for six months or more. Fillers may last for up to 18 months, depending upon the type of filler that is used in treatment. There is no recovery time period involved in the procedure. There are no incisions required. Finally, people usually do not mind returning for maintenance treatments because the cost is reasonable.

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