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Enhance The Look Of Your Breast With Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a scientific term for breast implants surgery. This surgical method involves an insertion of implants in the chest to increase their size. Hence, breast augmentation surgery. Along with the increase in breast size, there can also be a noticeable increase in firmness and scrupulousness of the breast. However, there is no need to say that the surgeon conducting the operation should be a very skilled and skilled surgeon. Any problem with the operation can cause permanent and irreversible problems with the shape of a breast.

To implant material in the chest, the surgeon should make an incision in the chest. The incision is usually made below the breasts, where it will not be shown later. Skillful surgery can make the incision almost imperceptible after surgery. Very carefully, the implants are then inserted by the surgeon into the pocket cavity between the pectoral muscles (chest muscles) and the overlying breast tissue. Special forceps are used to lift a cavity and insert implants into them. Once this is done, the cut is sealed. Cosmetic surgeons can be involved to reduce the likelihood of scars.

Since the initial stages of development of breast augmentation, even the material that is used for implants has undergone drastic changes. In former times, silicone was the main implant material that was used. For silicone implantation, the silicone gel was filled in a capsule of the same material. But the medical brotherhood very quickly found a serious problem with silicone gel implants, which means that silicone gel implants can cause cancer in women. The US Food also Drug Administration, therefore, has never certified a silicone gel as a transplant material. By the early nineties, the use of silicone as an implant material was banned in most countries.

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This led to the search for another suitable material for implantation – one that would have the flexibility of silicone and yet in no way had a harmful effect on the body. The doctors received a response in the form of implants of a salt gel. They contain gels of salt materials filled with a silicone capsule. The use of a silicone capsule is done because it is necessary to maintain the rigidity of the implants. However, the silicone capsule used in a implants of the salt gel is practically harmless to the human body. Also, the used silicone capsule can better adhere to the tissues and muscles that make up the cavity inside the breast, which makes the implants more firmly implanted in the chest.

Thus, long before the proper implant material was found, it was a long time. In fact, the surgical method of the inserting implants into the chest was significantly developed before the opening of a suitable implantable material.

Women who plan to engage in breastfeeding, face a difficult choice – whether round implants or implants with a rupture. Here we try to objectively discuss the merits and demerits of two common implants in fashion today.

Round implants have a rounded shape, as the name suggests. This means that they are circularly symmetrical. These implants are easily inserted since they can be placed in any way inside the incision. For this reason, these implants and cheaper surgery with rounded implants do not require large expenditures. However, there are some disadvantages of round implants. Female breasts do not have a natural shape. They flatter slightly from above, while they are more lush at the bottom. Because of this, round implants can give the unnatural look to the chest. Round implants will tend to make the chest look down from the top. This will not work for women who are not buxom. Breasts may not look much in proportion.

The second type of implants that are commonly used today are implants with a drop. These implant are designed to supplement the natural forms of the breast. They narrow from above until they are rounded down. In this regard, the surgeon must carefully introduce them. Any error of the surgeon in the manufacture of implants will cause a woman to have clumsy asymmetrical breasts. Although these breasts look very natural, they are not cheap. They cost almost twice as much as round implants, and even the cost of treatment is higher.

The operation for breast augmentation by an Atlanta Plastic Surgeon does not take more than two hours. Even a woman can return to work in a week. This leads to the fact that more women are beginning to expand.

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