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Gynecomastia Information - Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia literally means woman-like breasts. This condition affects 40% to 60% of men in one or both breasts. Although certain medications and medical conditions can contribute to the overdevelopment of the breast area in men, there is no official known cause.

Men who have enlarged breasts are often self-conscious about their appearance and often struggle emotionally. It can drain them of their self-esteem. Gynecomastia treatment corrects the problem of enlarged breasts in men by removing fat and glandular tissue from the breasts, and in some cases, excess skin. This procedure results in a flatter, firmer chest with a more masculine contour. If you are overweight, you should first try to correct the problem by losing weight. If you are extremely overweight, you will not be a good candidate for the surgery. If you drink alcoholic beverages beyond moderation or use marijuana regularly, these can also be contributing factors to your condition and you should stop using these substances immediately.

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Male Chest Surgery

If you are considering gynecomastia treatment, you will need to schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon. During the consultation, your surgeon will thoroughly examine your medical history. He/She will also thoroughly examine your breast area and will discuss any lifestyle factors that could be contributing to your condition. You may be required to have a breast x-ray taken to determine how much excess fat and glandular tissue is contained in the breast area. Your surgeon can also use the x-ray to rule out the small chance of breast cancer as well. Also, you should ask your gynecomastia surgeon any questions you may have regarding your condition or the procedure.

You will receive specific instructions regarding the day of surgery. Your doctor may alter your diet prior to surgery and may instruct you to avoid using certain medications. Since smoking can cause complications with recovery, your doctor may instruct you to stop smoking two weeks prior to your surgery and also for the recovery period.

Male breast reduction surgery can take place in the doctor's office or hospital. You may be able to go home the day of surgery. However, if there are any complications or you have a medical condition, you may be required to spend a night in the hospital for observation.

Your doctor will either use local or anesthesia and will discuss this with you to decide which will be best for you.

When the time to operate has arrived, your plastic surgeon will make an incision on the breast area in an inconspicuous area. He or she will then remove excess fat and glandular tissue through the incisions. Excess skin may also be removed if needed. If most of the tissue consists of fat, your doctor may use liposuction to remove the tissue. Upon completion of the gynecomastia surgery, an additional incision will be made in order to insert a small tube to allow proper drainage at the incision site. The other incisions will be covered with dressings.

You may feel some discomfort for a few days following surgery. Your doctor will give you medication to help manage the pain and discomfort. You may want to arrange for someone to help you with the first couple of days following male breast reducion until you are feeling better. Your doctor will instruct you to wear an elastic garment for the next week or two. You should expect swelling to subside a few weeks after surgery. However, it may be three or four months before you see the full results of the procedure. You should avoid sun exposure to the treatment area for at least six months after the procedure as this can darken scars.

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