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Buttock Augmentation - Butt Lift - Butt Implants

Buttock augmentation with butt implants involves the surgical insertion of artificial implants into the buttocks in order to enhance their size and shape. The patients who are unhappy with the size of their buttocks, who feel their buttocks lack shape, and those who want a more sensuous back side select buttock augmentation.

Suitable candidate:

In general, the best candidates for buttock augmentation are:

  • 18 years of age or old.
  • Candidate should be physically healthy.
  • Should be psychologically stable.
  • Those who want to improve their appearance.
  • Those who are realistic in their expectation and are having this surgery for the first time.

Possible complications and risks:

  • The butt implants may shift and cause the buttocks to appear asymmetrical.<li > The risks include infection, unsatisfactory results, excessive bleeding, adverse reaction to anesthesia, and the need for repeated procedures.

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Planning for surgery:

During the butt lift consultation, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss your concerns and desires; including how large and shapely you want your buttocks to be. Your doctor will explain the type of anesthesia to be used during your butt lift surgery. You should tell the doctor about your health problems and the medications you are taking. Those who smoke should stop smoking as this will slow down the healing process.


The incision is usually made in the buttock crease where scars are not noticeable. This area does carry a high infection risk. The doctor then creates a pocket large enough to insert the butt implants. The implants are placed either under the gluteus maximus muscle, or on top of the buttocks.

After the procedure, the doctor sees that both the buttocks are symmetrical and look natural. Then the incisions are stitched up. The surgery usually takes about two or three hours to complete.

Pain management:

Buttock augmentation stretches the tissues and can be painful, especially if the implants are placed under the muscle. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory medication. You will wear a compression garment for support, for a few days after surgery.


Follow your doctor's instructions carefully for a speedy, healthy recovery. Rest is important to the healing process, drink plenty of fluids and make sure to take your medication on time. Within a few days you can resume limited activity; you should still avoid physical exertion for several weeks. Stitches will come out within a week to ten days, but swelling will continue gradually subsiding over several weeks. After the swelling you will see the results. You will probably be able to resume exercise and normal physical activities within a month or two. Recovery varies from patient to patient depending on the technique used, type of implant, the site of placement and the level of activities in your daily routine.

Butt Lift Prices

Buttock augmentation (with implant) $9,000 - $18,000
Brazilian Butt Lift / Augmentation (lipo & fat grafting) $ 9,000 - $16,000
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