Plastic Surgery Procedures

Rupture of Breast Implants


Capsular Contracture

The scar tissue or capsule that normally forms around the breast implant may tighten and squeeze the breast implant. This is called capsular contracture. Over several months to years, some women have had changes in breast shape, hardness, or pain as a result of this contraction. Although this seems to occur to some extent in most women with breast implants, there are no reliable data on how often this happens. If these conditions are severe, more surgery may be needed to correct or remove the breast implants.

Other Known Risks

Calcium Deposits in the Tissue Around the Breast Implant

Calcium deposit smay form in the tissue around a breast implant and may cause pain and hardening of scar tissue. In some cases, these deposits may need to be surgically removed.

Changes in Nipple or Breast Sensation

Changes in sensation may result from breast implant surgery. These changes may be temporary or permanent. They may affect sexual response and the response of the nipple during breast feeding.

Shifting of the Breast Implant

Sometimes an implant may shift from its initial placement, giving the breasts an unnatural look. If the breast implant shifts, it may become possible to feel the breast implant through the skin. Other problems with appearance could include incorrect breast implant size, visible scars, uneven appearance, and wrinkling of the breast implant.

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