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Contact certified plastic surgeons Seattle WA that offer all aspects of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery for the breast, body and face including breast augmentation. Non surgical procedures and treatments also available. Click on a headshot of a plastic surgeon to learn more.

Dr. William A. Portuese
Dr. William A. Portuese
Seattle, WA
Our mission - We take great pride in the care we give at our center for excellence in facial cosmeti...
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Why Come to Seattle?

Seattle, home of the Space Needle, the original Starbucks, and Bill Gates house. The final resting place of martial arts master Bruce Lee and his son Brandon as well as one of the greatest musicians ever, Jimmy Hendrix. A city with a troll under one of its bridges which eats car parts and a Hammering Man which honors the workers coming and going to work everyday. A cultural Mecca with its Experience Music Project currently featuring Nirvana and The Wing Luke Museum, the only Asian-American Museum in the country, now displaying an Asian American Arcade.

Visit Seattle for the two month festival honoring Puget Sound. See the Underground Seattle where they literally built the new town on top of the old town (with some help from topless dancers). Visit in May for the Seattle International Film Festival and stay through June to watch the beautifully painted naked bikers. As the fittest city in America, wear your walking shoes and take one of the many walking tours designed around a visit to places such as Chinatown or Pike's Place Market.

If visiting crowded attractions isnt your idea of a fun time in Seattle then enjoy a more rugged, adventurous hike up nearby Mt. Rainier. Rent a car and go north on Cascades Highway, stop at the Skagit General Store for picnic supplies and enjoy a day by the Boundary Dam. Seattle offers something for everyone from whale watchers to foodies to the many international guests it receives every year. Be sure to add a visit to this beautiful city to your bucket list.