Games on LookingYourBest™

Before or After Game

For each photo in this game, choose whether you think it is the "before" or "after" view of the patient. Once you have chosen, both views will appear and you will see if you got the answer right. Click “next” to see another photo, or click on the name at the bottom of the photos to view the surgeon’s profile. Your score will stay above the photo, and you can save it to your user profile at any time.Play Now!

Memory Game

In this matching game there are eight "before" and eight "after" photos that show procedures which our surgeons have performed. Once you have created a match, the name of the surgeon that performed the procedure will show up on a list below the game board. If you wish to visit this surgeon's page, click on the name. You may also hover over the surgeon's name without clicking to see again which procedure they performed. Additional levels will appear once the board had been cleared of all unknown cards. Click the image below to get started, good luck! Play Now!